Democrats, 10 Republicans Vote for 2nd Impeachment of Trump; Trump Calls For Peaceful Transition

Published on 14.01.2021

0:00 NTD Evening News 1/13/2021
1:15 Dem-Controlled House Impeaches Trump Again
3:53 FBI: Attack on Capitol Was Pre-Planned
5:34 Trump Calls For Peaceful Transition
6:44 NYC Aims to Cut Trump Business Contracts
9:22 Dubai Partner 'Very Happy' With Trump
10:42 Biden Adds Big Tech Members to His Team
13:07 AirBnB Blocks Reservations in Washington DC
14:05 Trust in Media At All-Time-Low: Report
16:11 Dennis Prager: We Are Losing Free Speech
18:45 Texan Arrested in Election Fraud Case
21:56 California Faces Election Integrity Lawsuit
24:15 Gas Prices Rise in LA, San Francisco
25:25 US Virus Deaths Break Single-Day Record
26:03 NY's Javits Center Opens Vaccine Hub
27:28 NYC Restaurants Sue Cuomo Over Dining Regulations
31:02 30 Million Under Virus Lockdown Near Beijing
32:12 Truck Cabins Sealed for Pandemic Control
34:03 Dyed, Tampered Vegetables Found in China
37:46 2020 Hollywood Box Office Hits 40-Year Low
39:13 Walmart Tests Smart Cooler for Deliveries
39:47 Fun Brick-And-Mortar Retail Innovations
41:28 As People Eat Less Chocolate, Beans Pile Up
44:44 UK Under Pressure to Review China Policy
46:51 Amendment Passed to Fight Organ Harvesting
47:36 London's Emergency COVID Hospital Reopens
48:37 Europe Aims to Boost Rocket Launch Tech
49:19 Italy: Over 300 Suspected Mafia on Trial
50:21 EU Approves Insect for Human Consumption
53:13 Australians Jump Into New Year

The House impeached President Trump again as people are calling for unity amongst intense division, New York City's mayor is working to cut business ties with the Trump Organization after blaming the president for violence at the Capitol, and some of Biden's picks for the White House show his close ties to Silicon Valley.

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New Message From Trump; Democrats, 10 Republicans Vote for 2nd Impeachment Against Trump | NTD

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